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Volta RK-L 1075 G Latex Coated Gloves represent a reliable and versatile choice for hand protection across various industries. These gloves feature a latex coating that enhances grip, making them well-suited for tasks requiring dexterity and precision.

Crafted with attention to quality, the Latex Coated Gloves by Volta, with the model RK-L 1075 G, offer durability and resistance to abrasions, ensuring longevity in demanding work environments. The latex coating not only provides an excellent grip but also offers protection against minor cuts and abrasions.

The gloves come in the size “G,” catering to a range of hand sizes to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. This adaptability enhances user comfort and reduces the risk of slippage during use.

Whether employed in construction, manufacturing, or general maintenance tasks, Volta RK-L 1075 G Latex Coated Gloves deliver reliable hand protection with a focus on grip and durability. These gloves underscore Volta’s commitment to providing quality safety gear for professionals across various sectors.


  • The gloves feature a green colour with a half latex coated crinkle finish, designed to enhance grip and provide protection.
  • They are constructed with a white knitted shell, offering flexibility and comfort during use.
  • The gloves provide excellent breathability while also offering anti-acid, anti-alkali, anti-slip, and penetration resistance properties.
  • They are suitable for use in mechanical and low-temperature environments, providing reliable hand protection.

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