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Proguard Chemical Gloves, constructed from green PVC, feature a double-dipped sandy finish for enhanced grip and protection. Available in three weight variants—192g/pair, 200g/pair, and 234g/pair—and three lengths—35cm, 40cm, and 45cm—these gloves offer versatility to cater to different preferences and applications.

The double-dipped sandy finish not only ensures a secure grip but also enhances the durability of the gloves, making them suitable for challenging chemical-handling tasks. The green color provides easy visibility and identification in a work environment.

Certified to meet EN 388 standards with a rating of 4212, these Chemical Gloves underscore their proficiency in safeguarding against mechanical hazards, including abrasion, blade cuts, and punctures. This certification attests to their reliability in various industrial settings.

Whether used in chemical laboratories, industrial processes, or tasks requiring protection against mechanical hazards, Proguard Chemical Gloves showcase a commitment to safety, durability, and functionality, providing reliable hand protection in diverse work environments.

PVC Double Dipped Sandy Finished W:192g/pair;200g/pair;234g/pair L: 35cm/40cm/45cm EN 388 4212


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