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Retractable type fall arrester with galvanized cable diam. 4 mm, stainless casing. Delivered with one carabiner AM002. Weight 11kg 135g. Length 25 m.


Key features:

  • Stainless Steel Casing: The fall protection device is enclosed in a durable stainless-steel casing, providing enhanced protection against external elements and ensuring longevity.
  • Inclination Function: The device is equipped with a specialized function that allows it to adapt and function effectively in different inclinations, providing flexibility in various working conditions.
  • Integrated Shock Absorber: A built-in shock absorber is included in the device to reduce the impact force experienced during a fall, enhancing the safety and comfort of the user.
  • Inertia Braking System: The fall protection device features an inertia braking system that automatically activates in the event of a fall, quickly arresting the fall and preventing further descent.
  • Cable Under Permanent Stress: The device’s cable is designed to be under continuous tension, ensuring that it remains taut and ready for immediate use, optimizing safety and response time.

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