CAT 012205

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CAT 012205 gloves offer top-notch hand protection with a premium deerskin construction designed for durability and comfort. Their standout feature is the gel-padded palm, providing solid defense against moderate impacts and vibrations. The gloves’ back is made from breathable poly/spandex material, ensuring flexibility as it stretches to accommodate hand movements.

Available in various sizes like medium and large, these gloves aim to cater to different hand dimensions, ensuring a better fit for users. Additionally, they come in a range of colors, including black and black/yellow variations, providing options that suit personal preferences or specific job requirements.

Crafted with attention to detail, these gloves merge robust materials with thoughtful design to offer reliable hand protection. The combination of premium deerskin, gel padding for impact and vibration resistance, breathable back material, and size and color variations underscores their versatility and suitability for diverse tasks and environments. Whether for professional or personal use, CAT 012205 gloves prioritize both comfort and defense, ensuring hands are shielded without compromising on flexibility and style.


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