CAT 012230

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The CAT 012230 glove is built tough for handling demanding tasks effectively. Its synthetic leather palm provides robustness and endurance, while the added silicone grip ensures better control and grasp in various situations.

To protect against impacts, the glove features specialized molded knuckle protection without compromising hand flexibility. Its adjustable wrist closure allows for a secure fit, preventing slipping during use.

Meeting the EN 388 standards with a rating of 3131 signifies its excellent resistance to abrasions, cuts, tears, and punctures, making it reliable in challenging work environments.

Available in different sizes like medium and extra-large, this glove caters to various hand sizes, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit. Whether it’s for professional use or handling tasks at home, the CAT 012230 glove offers both durability and protection, ready to tackle tough jobs while keeping hands safe.


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