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Proguard Working Gloves, crafted for durability and performance, boast AB quality with a composition of Cow Split Leather and a Stripe Cotton packing. These gloves, designed for robust protection, come in a pack of 120 pairs with a size of 10 inches.

Featuring a distinctive red color on the back, these gloves are not only functional but also easily identifiable. The use of Cow Split Leather ensures resilience, making them suitable for a variety of demanding work environments. The inclusion of Stripe Cotton enhances comfort during extended wear.

Compliant with EN 388 standards, these gloves showcase a performance rating of 4112, indicating their proficiency in providing protection against mechanical hazards. Proguard Working Gloves in size 10 inches, with their quality materials and adherence to standards, stand as a reliable choice for professionals seeking durable hand protection in a range of industrial settings.

AB QUALITY Cow Split Leather Stripe Cotton Packing: 120 prs/ Size: 10″ Back Red Colour, EN 388 4112


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