VAULTEX Floor Mounted Eyewash 4810GI

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The VAULTEX Floor Mounted Eyewash 4810GI stands as a pinnacle of safety engineering, offering a robust and efficient solution for emergency eye care in industrial environments. This floor-mounted eyewash station is meticulously designed to deliver swift and reliable eye irrigation, ensuring the well-being of workers exposed to hazardous substances.

Crafted with durability in mind, the 4810GI features a sturdy and corrosion-resistant construction, guaranteeing longevity in demanding work settings. Its floor-mounted design not only provides stability but also enhances accessibility, allowing for quick activation in critical situations. The eyewash nozzles deliver a gentle yet thorough rinse, effectively removing contaminants and providing immediate relief to the eyes.

User-friendly controls characterize the 4810GI, facilitating easy and intuitive operation during emergencies. The station’s prominent and easily recognizable design ensures rapid identification, enabling swift response when seconds count. Compliance with rigorous safety standards further solidifies the 4810GI’s status as a dependable and indispensable safety asset in workplaces prioritizing employee health and safety.

With its durable build, accessible design, and adherence to industry safety standards, the VAULTEX 4810GI Floor Mounted Eyewash sets a high standard for emergency eye care. This station stands as a critical component in safeguarding the well-being of workers, underscoring its importance in comprehensive workplace safety protocols.


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