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The SAI-U Oily Waste Can is designed for the safe collection of combustible adhesive, oil, and other flammable liquids-soaked waste paper or cloth. The lid of the can is designed to have an opening angle of less than 60 degrees, ensuring it remains closed when not in use. This feature effectively isolates the wastes from potential fire sources and limits the amount of oxygen available, thereby eliminating the risks of spontaneous combustion. Additionally, the cylindrical structure and heightened bottom promote airflow around the bucket, while the full steel construction with epoxy resin spraying enhances durability and chemical resistance of the product.


Fire-Safe Construction: The can is constructed with materials that resist the risk of combustion, providing a fire-safe solution for the disposal of oil-soaked materials.

Self-Closing Lid: Equipped with a self-closing lid, the can helps prevent the spread of fires by automatically closing when not in use, minimizing oxygen supply to potential ignition sources.

Ventilated Base: The can is designed with a ventilated base to allow heat dissipation, reducing the risk of spontaneous combustion in the presence of oily rags or waste.

Galvanized Steel Construction: Crafted from durable and corrosion-resistant galvanized steel, the can ensures longevity and robustness in various industrial environments.

Foot-Operated Lid: Some models may feature a foot-operated mechanism for hands-free operation, enhancing user convenience and promoting hygiene in disposal practices.

Compliance: The SAI-U Oily Waste Can is designed to meet or exceed industry standards and regulations for the safe disposal of oily waste, providing a compliant solution for industrial facilities.

Capacity Options: Available in different capacities to accommodate varying volumes of oily waste generated in industrial processes.

Safety Labels: Clearly labeled to indicate its purpose and usage instructions, promoting proper disposal practices and ensuring user awareness.


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