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Proguard Cut Resistant Gloves, boasting a Level 5 cut resistance, are designed for optimal protection against sharp objects and blades. These gloves feature a seamless knitted construction and are coated with a combination of PU (polyurethane) and Nitrile for enhanced durability and grip.

The CE EN388 certification with a rating of 4543 underscores the gloves’ proficiency in safeguarding against various mechanical hazards, including blade cuts. The high level of cut resistance makes these gloves suitable for tasks where protection against sharp objects is paramount.

The seamless knitted design ensures comfort and flexibility, allowing for ease of movement during use. The PU/Nitrile coating adds durability and improves grip, enhancing overall functionality.

Proguard Cut Resistant Gloves, with their innovative design and adherence to safety standards, exemplify a commitment to providing reliable hand protection in environments where cut resistance is crucial.

Level 5, Seamless Knitted Gloves PU (polyurethane)/Nitrile Coated Resistance to Blad Cut: 5 CE EN388 4543


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