CAT 017400

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CAT 017400 gloves are black latex gloves crafted for reliable hand protection. They feature a textured latex coating on both the palm and fingers, ensuring a strong grip and enhanced durability. With an extended wrist design and construction from a breathable poly/cotton knit, these gloves offer comfortable wear while providing ample coverage.

Specifically engineered to safeguard against punctures and cuts, these gloves are a solid choice for various tasks and work environments where hand protection is crucial. They come in different sizes, catering to various hand measurements, including large and jumbo sizes. Moreover, they offer versatility in styles, coming in options such as string knit and utility gloves, meeting diverse preferences and specific job requirements.

Whether you’re working on intricate tasks or handling heavy-duty jobs, CAT 017400 gloves are designed to offer reliable defense for your hands. Their combination of sturdy materials, textured coating, extended wrist support, and size variations ensures a tailored fit and protection, making them a practical choice across different industries and tasks.


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