Flammable Cabinet WA810860

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  • 18Ga(1-mm)quality galvanized steel Unleaded coating with polish surface, which is corrosion and moisture proof.
  • Fireproofing vents to effectively reduce the concentration of volatile substances, and prevent fire hazards. Special spill- proof shelves to avoid chemical leakage by accident.
  • The cabinet has three-point linkage lock, and the door can open 180°. Two person management in line with Hazardous Chemicals Control Ordinance (December 1st, 2011 Version).
  • The three-point bullets: Anti-static design structure.
  • FM Approved Anti-Static Device: Conductor grip combine the equipment with the cabinet to conduct the static to earth, thus to prevent fire accident.
  • Shelf bracket welded on both sides of cabinet.
  • Adjustable shelves with anti- leakage design.

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