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The HAWS 7500 Gravity Flow Mobile Eyewash is a cutting-edge safety solution designed to provide swift and effective emergency eye care in a variety of industrial environments. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this mobile eyewash station offers a gravity flow system that ensures rapid response to eye exposure incidents.

The robust construction of the HAWS 7500 ensures durability in demanding work settings, while its mobile design adds versatility by allowing it to be easily transported to areas where it is needed most. This feature is particularly beneficial in dynamic workplaces or locations where a fixed eyewash station may not be feasible.

The gravity flow system eliminates the need for a plumbed water source, making the HAWS 7500 an ideal solution for locations without immediate access to water connections. The eyewash nozzles deliver a gentle yet thorough rinse to the eyes, swiftly removing contaminants and providing essential first aid during emergency situations.

User-friendly controls enhance the efficiency of the HAWS 7500 Gravity Flow Mobile Eyewash, enabling quick and intuitive activation in critical moments. Compliance with rigorous safety standards emphasizes the reliability and effectiveness of this eyewash station, positioning it as a crucial component in comprehensive workplace safety protocols. With its durable construction, mobile design, and commitment to safety, the HAWS 7500 is an invaluable asset for organizations prioritizing the well-being of their workforce.


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