3M™ Personal Safety Division: Head & Face Protection 3M™ Safety Helmet Series H-700

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Experience full-shift comfort and integrated protection options with the 3M™ Safety Helmet Series H-700.

Introducing our most affordable, full-featured safety helmet.

The key to the H-700’s comfortable design is its exclusive suspension system: the headband has ventilation holes for better comfort. The smooth ratchet option means the headband will adjust to your precise comfort setting.

This lightweight, low-profile helmet stays balanced and stable on your head, while its compact shape goes almost anywhere. And you feel cooler with the ventilated brow strap and optional top-of-helmet air vents.

3M™ Safety Helmet Series H-700 applications

Construction work

Electrical work

Oil and gas


Heavy and light industrial

The pinnacle of head and face protection with the 3M™ Safety Helmet Series H-700 from the 3M™ Personal Safety Division. Meticulously engineered for occupational excellence, these helmets represent a synergy of cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design.

Crafted with precision, the H-700 series prioritizes wearer comfort without compromising on safety. The high-impact-resistant materials ensure durability in diverse work environments, making it an indispensable choice for professionals in construction, industrial, and utility sectors.

Designed with a focus on user-centric features, the H-700 series offers a secure fit and easy adjustability. The helmets not only meet but exceed stringent industry safety standards, reflecting 3M’s commitment to providing superior protection.

Elevate your commitment to workplace safety with the 3M™ Safety Helmet Series H-700 – a reliable choice where innovation seamlessly integrates with reliability. Trust in 3M to safeguard professionals with advanced head and face protection solutions.


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