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Proguard Impact Gloves, featuring a synthetic leather back composed of stretch-spandex and silicone dotted detailing, offer advanced hand protection with a focus on impact resistance and cut resistance. These gloves are designed to meet CE EN388 standards, ensuring their proficiency in safeguarding against various mechanical hazards.

The synthetic leather back, crafted from a combination of stretch-spandex and silicone dots, provides a durable and flexible solution for impact protection. The stretch-spandex material ensures a comfortable fit and flexibility, while the silicone dots enhance grip and control.

With a specific emphasis on cut resistance, these gloves are well-suited for tasks where protection against sharp objects is crucial. The integration of impact-resistant features makes them suitable for applications where hands are at risk of impact injuries.

Proguard Impact Gloves, with their innovative design and adherence to safety standards, exemplify a commitment to providing reliable hand protection in challenging work environments.

Synthetic Leather Back: Stretch-Spandex+Silicone Dotted Cut Resistant CE EN388


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