RINGER GLOVES R-297 Heavy-duty impact protection gloves, ensuring hand safety with added cut resistance

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Cutting-edge protection: RINGERS R297 heavy-duty impact gloves are meticulously crafted with RINGERS F3 Technology and an innovative patented TPR (thermoplastic rubber) design. This combination ensures exceptional impact protection, covering the top of the hand and extending along the entire length of the fingers.

Added defense mechanisms: Equipped with a padded palm and a robust Kevlar-stitched liner, these gloves offer remarkable resistance against abrasions and cuts. This fortifies users with reliable hand protection, particularly in demanding tasks and heavy-duty applications.

Enhanced grip capabilities: The gloves boast a durable grip system on both the palm and fingers, enabling users to maintain excellent grip even in challenging conditions. This feature further enhances safety and performance.

Advanced features: These RINGERS gloves are engineered with an extended airprene wrist closure that ensures a secure fit, complemented by a practical TPR pull tab for effortless donning and doffing. Additionally, the gloves exhibit a high-visibility external surface, contributing to enhanced visibility and workplace safety


Oil and gas


Emergency Medical Services



Engagement and release of drill string slips

Chaining up pipes

Installation and dismantling of rigs

Preparation of site – unloading of lines and valves

Handling iron

Handling of tools

Seizing structural and body parts

Unloading worked parts


Patented TPR design: For excellent impact protection

Padded palm with Kevlar liner: For durable, cut-resistant gloves

Durable grip system on palm and fingers: Enhanced grip performance


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