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Thunder T1s Headband Earmuff

Made in China


Bilsoms Air Flow Control technology is a patented system that optimizes the attenuation of noise across all frequencies without the need to increase the earmuffs size and weight. The technology employs a unique baseplate chamber and advanced non-woven layer to control the flow of air inside the earmuff and regulate how sound reaches the ear. As a result, the technology ensures better and more consistent attenuation for industrial noise environments. All earmuffs in the Thunder series feature Air Flow Control as a standard feature.


When it comes to selecting an earmuff, comfort reigns supreme with workers. That’s why the Thunder series earmuff is designed with all-day comfort in mind. Headband earmuffs feature a unique dual-headband for better positioning and breathability, and non-deforming outer headband that minimizes pressure on the head. Plus, its dielectric construction withstands use and abuse, while protecting workers in electrical environments.

SNR – 30 dB

The Thunder T1S Headband Earmuff is a top-quality hearing protection device specifically designed to minimize exposure to noise in diverse industrial environments. Its sleek and unobtrusive design facilitates comfortable usage alongside other protective gear, such as hard hats and safety glasses.
These earmuffs are crafted with soft, foam-filled cushions that offer a comfortable fit, even during extended periods of wear. Additionally, the adjustable headband ensures compatibility with a wide range of head sizes and shapes, guaranteeing a secure fit that minimizes the risk of slippage or displacement.

With a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 27 decibels, the Thunder T1S Headband Earmuff excels in high-noise settings, making it an optimal choice for industrial environments. Moreover, its robust construction ensures durability and long-lasting performance, providing dependable protection for extended use.

The earmuffs have a foldable design that makes them easy to store and transport, without taking up too much space. This design also ensures that they are always readily available when needed, reducing the risk of workers being exposed to noise without proper protection.

The Thunder T1S Headband Earmuff is an excellent choice for workers in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction, and transportation. They provide effective noise reduction, comfort, and durability in a high-quality package, with the added benefit of a low-profile design and foldable construction that makes them easy to wear and store.


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