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The Vaultex Eye protective glasses have established themselves as a prominent product in the realm of Industrial eyewear. These glasses feature lenses made from Polycarbonate, which offer exceptional UV protection of 99.9% and comply with the rigorous standards of EN166 and ANSI Z87.

In addition to their protective capabilities, these glasses prioritize wearer comfort with their lightweight construction. The Temple design ensures a comfortable fit, further enhanced by the inclusion of Soft Red Tips. The glasses boast a Frameless Design, lending them a sleek and modern aesthetic. The integration of a Highly Flexible Single Lens, combined with the Spectacular Design featuring an Integrated Nose Bridge, contributes to both comfort and functionality.

Gender – Men, Women, Unisex
Industry – Construction, Factories, Maintenance, Restaurant, Hospitals, Airports, Kitchens, warehouse, slaughterhouse, food sector, Farmers
Safety Standards – EN 166


The VAULTEX UD 91 DARK eyeglasses are a type of protective eyewear specifically designed to offer dependable protection against intense light and UV radiation. These eyeglasses are constructed using premium materials such as polycarbonate, ensuring exceptional durability, scratch resistance, and shatterproof qualities.

The VAULTEX UD 91 DARK eyeglasses have undergone rigorous testing and obtained certifications in compliance with international safety standards such as ANSI Z87.1-2015 and EN 166. This validates their ability to provide reliable protection against various hazards including impacts, chemical splashes, and UV radiation.

The ergonomic design of these eyeglasses prioritizes user comfort, incorporating features such as an adjustable nose bridge and temple tips, allowing for a secure and comfortable fit on different face shapes and sizes. The wrap-around design enhances peripheral vision and safeguards against dust and debris.

With a dark tint, the VAULTEX UD 91 DARK eyeglasses effectively reduce glare and bright light, making them well-suited for use in environments with intense sunlight. Additionally, an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating ensures clear vision and long-lasting durability.

Overall, the VAULTEX UD 91 DARK eyeglasses provide a dependable and pragmatic solution for workers seeking superior eye protection against bright light and UV radiation in their respective workplaces.


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