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Constructed from medium density polyethylene, this spill pallet is highly durable and features 4-way forklift access for easy transportation. It includes an integral tray designed to catch drips from the IBC tap, ensuring efficient containment. The unit comes with a removable plastic mesh deck, providing versatility and facilitating easy cleaning. With its broad range of chemical compatibility, the spill pallet fully complies with all UK Oil Storage Regulations. Please note that unloading this item from the delivery vehicle requires an appropriate-sized and capacity forklift truck. It is important to mention that our standard delivery service does not include offloading assistance. The spill pallet is made from 100% polyethylene, guaranteeing compatibility with various chemicals. The removable plastic grid simplifies the cleaning process, and the inclusion of forklift pockets aids in transportation. Additionally, the spill pallet is UV stabilized, ensuring prolonged durability under sun exposure.


Four-Way Forklift Access: The pallet is equipped with four-way access points, facilitating easy and convenient handling with a forklift from any direction. This enhances maneuverability in industrial settings.

Large Spill Capacity: The spill pallet is designed to contain potential leaks or spills from IBCs, offering a generous spill capacity to prevent environmental hazards and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality and durable materials, the BB1FW ensures longevity and reliability even in challenging industrial environments.

Chemical Resistance: The spill pallet is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, providing a secure storage solution for a variety of substances commonly stored in IBCs.

Removable Grating: Some models feature removable grating for easy access to the sump area, simplifying cleaning and maintenance tasks.

Compliance Assurance: The BB1FW is designed to meet or exceed industry regulations and standards, ensuring a compliant solution for the safe storage of IBCs.

Versatility: Suitable for various industries, the spill pallet accommodates different types of IBCs, contributing to its versatility in industrial applications.

Weather Resistance: The spill pallet is designed to withstand outdoor conditions, providing a reliable solution for both indoor and outdoor storage.

User-Friendly Design: The design of the spill pallet prioritizes user convenience, making it easy to use and maintain in industrial settings.


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