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The FORTE F6-207 Full Body Harness represents a pinnacle in safety equipment, meticulously designed to ensure optimal protection for professionals working at heights. This harness features a twin webbing lanyard and shock absorber, providing a comprehensive fall protection system.

The Full Body Harness offers a secure fit with attention to comfort, utilizing twin webbing for added strength and stability. Its design incorporates multiple adjustment points, ensuring a customized and snug fit for the wearer. The inclusion of a shock absorber enhances safety by mitigating impact forces during fall arrest situations.

The twin webbing lanyard, an integral part of this system, adds an extra layer of security. Its dual webbing construction not only reinforces strength but also provides redundancy for added reliability. The shock absorber further complements this setup, offering controlled energy absorption to minimize potential injuries in the event of a fall.

Engineered with precision, the FORTE F6-207 Full Body Harness with Twin Webbing Lanyard and Shock Absorber stands as a testament to the commitment to safety, comfort, and reliability in high-altitude work environments. It meets the stringent standards required for fall protection, ensuring the well-being of professionals engaged in critical tasks at elevated positions.


Full Body Harness: Designed for use in vertical anchorage systems and construction industries, providing fall protection and safety.

  • Fully Adjustable Straps: The shoulder and thigh straps of the harness are fully adjustable, allowing for a customized and secure fit for the wearer.
  • Single Dorsal Attachment D Ring: The harness features a single dorsal attachment D ring, providing a secure point for connecting fall protection equipment.
  • Sit Strap for Extended Comfort: The sit strap is strategically positioned to provide extended comfort during prolonged use.
  • Twin Webbing Lanyard: The lanyard is made of red and black colored webbing and is equipped with a shock absorber, enhancing safety during falls.
  • Easy 308 Karabiner and Nickel-Plated Scaffoldings: The lanyard is equipped with an easy 308 karabiner on one side and two nickel plated scaffoldings with easy SH 60 hooks on the other side, ensuring secure and reliable connections.

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