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Proguard Electric Gloves, crafted from natural latex, are designed to provide reliable protection in electrical work environments. These gloves are specifically tested for a voltage of 10KV, ensuring their effectiveness in safeguarding against electrical hazards. Available in three distinctive colors—Red, Black, and Grey—these gloves offer variety and visibility.

With lengths of 14″ and 16″, Proguard Electric Gloves cater to different preferences and applications, providing comprehensive coverage for the hands and wrists during electrical work.

Compliant with IEC60903-2002 standards, these gloves adhere to stringent safety requirements for electrical insulating gloves. The use of natural latex ensures flexibility and dexterity while maintaining electrical resistance, making them a dependable choice for professionals working in electrical installations or maintenance.

Whether utilized by electricians or in industrial settings with electrical equipment, Proguard Electric Gloves exemplify a commitment to safety, functionality, and compliance with standards, providing reliable hand protection in environments with potential electrical hazards.

Natural Latex, Test Voltage: 10KV Colour: Red, Black, Grey L: 14″,16″ IEC60903-2002


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