SLIC 59351

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The SLIC 59351 is a specific model of low-cut safety shoes designed to meet the demands of various work environments. These shoes prioritize wearer safety through the inclusion of protective features, such as a steel toe cap that complies with ASTM F2413 standards for impact and compression resistance, as well as electrical hazard protection.

The upper of the SLIC 59351 safety shoes is constructed from a robust synthetic leather material, providing effective shielding against abrasions, cuts, and scratches. Furthermore, the shoes incorporate a slip-resistant rubber sole that offers exceptional grip and traction on diverse surfaces.

In addition to their protective attributes, the SLIC 59351 safety shoes prioritize wearer comfort, especially during prolonged periods of use. They feature a cushioned insole and a moisture-wicking lining that effectively manages moisture, keeping feet dry and comfortable while minimizing the risk of foot odour and fungal infections.

Overall, the SLIC 59351 safety shoes are a dependable and enduring choice for individuals engaged in industries requiring protective footwear. It is crucial to note that proper care and maintenance are essential to preserve the shoes’ ongoing effectiveness and durability.


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