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Vaultex V71—a state-of-the-art safety eyewear solution that seamlessly combines lightweight design with uncompromising impact resistance. Engineered with precision, these safety glasses feature polycarbonate lenses, ensuring a robust defense against potential workplace hazards while providing enduring comfort for prolonged use.

The hallmark of the Vaultex V71 resides in its advanced lenses. Offering an exceptional 99.9% UV protection, these lenses deliver comprehensive eye shielding suitable for diverse settings, be it indoor tasks or outdoor activities. The inclusion of an anti-scratch coating enhances the longevity of the lenses, preserving their clarity and ensuring sustained performance in challenging work environments.

Stringent adherence to safety standards is paramount, and the Vaultex V71 proudly meets the exacting requirements of either ANSI Z87.1 or EN166. Rigorous testing underscores its commitment to compliance, guaranteeing wearers a trusted and reliable eyewear option across various professional scenarios.

Whether confronting potential impacts or mitigating the effects of UV exposure, the Vaultex V71 stands as a testament to excellence, offering a harmonious amalgamation of lightweight construction, impact resistance, UV protection, and strict adherence to safety regulations. Elevate your safety protocol with the Vaultex V71—where cutting-edge technology meets the discerning needs of contemporary workplaces.


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