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Product code: U2193060.

  • Each bag has an absorbency capacity of 30 litres.
  • The weight of each bag ranges from 6 to 8 kilograms.
  • Designed for absorbing maintenance purposes.

Our Organic Compound is a recycled absorbent made entirely from 100% recycled materials. This is a lightweight and exceptionally absorbent solution, ideal for swiftly soaking up spills within a work environment. It serves effectively in both indoor and outdoor settings. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, our Organic Compound is fireproof, providing an extra layer of safety.

To utilize our Organic Compound effectively, follow these steps:

  • Pour the Organic Compound directly onto the spill.
  • Gently brush the compound into the spill, ensuring thorough coverage and absorption.
  • Once the spill has been absorbed, use a brush or similar tool to gather and remove the absorbed material.
  • After the cleanup process, the surface will be left completely dry, without any residual traces.
  • This method guarantees a professional and residue-free outcome when using our highly efficient Organic Compound.


  • Chemical composition: Granular wood fibre with sodium bicarbonate (typical).
  • Transport: No specific regulations apply due to the inert properties of the product.
  • Security: No specific risks identified. For further information, please refer to the material safety guidelines.
  • Storage: Store the product in a dry place to maintain its quality.
  • Disposal: Dispose of the granules in compliance with the regulations for destroying the absorbed liquid.

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