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Proguard Nitrile Gloves, composed of 100% nitrile, provide a reliable solution for hand protection. With a striking green color and a length of 33cm, these gloves offer enhanced visibility and extended coverage. Available in sizes 9″, 10″, and 11″, they cater to various hand sizes for a comfortable fit.

Featuring an open cuff and a flock-lined interior, these gloves prioritize ease of wear and comfort during extended use. The design ensures that users can quickly put on and remove the gloves while experiencing a soft and comfortable feel.

Certified to meet CE EN388, EN420, and EN374 standards, Proguard Nitrile Gloves underscore their proficiency in protecting against mechanical hazards, ensuring ergonomic design, and offering resistance against chemicals and microorganisms.

Whether utilized in laboratories, industrial settings, or tasks requiring protection against a range of hazards, Proguard Nitrile Gloves exemplify a commitment to safety, comfort, and functionality, making them a reliable choice for professionals in diverse work environments.

100% Nitrile, Colour Green L: 33cm, Size: 9″/10″/11″ Open Cuff, Flock lined CE EN388/EN420/EN374


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