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Made in Taiwan


FEATURES: Orange, Soft Hypoallergenic PU Foam Plug with Red PVC Cord for Convenience and To Prevent Loss of Ear Plugs, Tapered Design Offers Easy Insertion and Removal, Gently Expands and Self Adjusts to All Size Ear Canals, Offers Excellent Noise Reduction, provides a Comfortable Seal Without Pressure, Smooth, Dirt-Resistant Surface for Hygiene.

Pairs Packaged in Individual Poly Bags and Flip Out Tray Pack for User Comfort.

NRR – 32 dB

SNR – 37 dB


The VAULTEX CORDED EAR PLUG VPC is a high-quality hearing protection device designed to reduce exposure to noise in a wide range of industrial settings. They are made with soft, comfortable foam that provides a comfortable fit for extended wear.

These are premium grade hearing protection solution specifically engineered for diverse industrial settings. Made of soft, comfortable foam material, these ear plugs offer extended – wear comfort to reduce exposure to high noise levels effectively.

Designed with corded configuration, these earplugs are not only easy to carry around but also help to prevent misplacement. This feature ensures that workers can enjoy uninterrupted protection from noise without compromising on convenience.

With noise Reduction Rating of 30 decibels, these are suitable option for environment where noise levels are high. The earplugs are engineered to be sturdy and durable, ensuring long-lasting protection for prolonged use.

Perfectly designed to comfortably fit in most ear canal sizes. The snug fit also ensures that the earplugs remain secure, reducing the possibility of slipping out or being displaced.
Irrespective of this industry in which they operate, discerning workers who value quality, comfort, and optimal auditory protection would find the VAULTEX CORDED EAR PLUG VPC to be a highly desirable option.


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