3M SecureFit Full Brim Hard Hat H-800

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  • A patented Pressure Diffusion Technology integrated into its suspension system.
  • Includes a smooth, easy-to-use ratchet mechanism that sits low on the head to reduce pressure, delivering a comfortable and secure hard hat experience.
  • Hard hat is designed to work with diverse 3M accessories, including face shields, earmuffs, and other attachments, enhancing its versatility and functionality.


The SecureFit Hard Hat Series is a premium range of protective headgear available in both cap style and full brim models. These hard hats boast a sophisticated suspension system, incorporating patented Pressure Diffusion Technology that sits comfortably and securely low on the head, enhancing both comfort and safety for the user.

Some of the hard hat models in the SecureFit series come with a unique indicator that alerts the user when the helmet needs to be replaced due to excessive exposure to UV radiation. This feature guarantees the continuous safety and protection of the user by ensuring that they are always wearing an effective helmet.


Brand – SecureFit™
Case Quantity – 20
Colour Family – Beige, Black, Gray, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, Yellow
Electrical Class – C, E, G
Features – Pressure Diffusion Technology, UV Indicator
Hard Hat Type – Type I
Product Colour – Black, Blue, Gray, Green, High-visibility Orange, High-visibility Yellow, Navy, Orange, Pink, Red, Tan, White, Yellow
Product Type – Full Brim Hard Hat
Shell Material – HDPE
Specifications Met – ANSI Z87.1
Suspension Type – 4 Point Ratchet
Vented – No, yes

The 3M H800 is a special lightweight mask made from soft materials that effectively shields you from harmful airborne particles. It’s suitable for diverse places like factories, hospitals, and shops, providing comfort while protecting against allergens. The mask also has cushioned part that goes on your nose and straps that you can adjust to make sure it fits you well.

An advanced protective device that incorporates cutting-edge filtering technology to safeguard users against a broad spectrum of airborne particles. Its electrostatically charged filter media attracts and captures particles, including dust, bacteria, and viruses, thereby providing superior protection while facilitating easy breathing.

Furthermore, the 3M H-800 features an ergonomic and lightweight design that promotes user comfort and convenience. Constructed from soft, non-allergenic materials, the respirators cushioned nose bridge and adjustable head straps provide a secure and comfortable fit for individuals of all sizes.

The Respirator has some design elements that make it easy to use. Its design is compatible with different personal protective equipment. You can easily wear and remove the 3M H800 mask. It’s also low-maintenance and can be reused without losing its effectiveness.


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