Vaultex UD 46

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Vaultex UD 46, a reliable safety spectacle meticulously crafted in Taiwan to provide optimal eye protection for industrial workers. Engineered with precision, these safety glasses offer a host of features designed to ensure both safety and comfort in demanding work environments.

The key highlight of the Vaultex UD 46 is its impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses, providing a robust defense against potential hazards. Notably, these lenses boast an impressive 99.9% UV protection, safeguarding the eyes from harmful rays in both indoor and outdoor settings. The anti-scratch coating further enhances the durability of the lenses, ensuring long-lasting clarity and visibility.

Meeting the rigorous standards of either EN166 or ANSI Z87.1, the Vaultex UD 46 is a testament to its commitment to compliance and safety. This safety spectacle undergoes stringent testing to ensure it meets or exceeds industry requirements, providing industrial workers with reliable eye protection they can trust.

Available in both clear and dark variants, the Vaultex UD 46 caters to diverse preferences and specific job requirements. Whether facing bright workspaces or dealing with intense light conditions, these safety glasses offer a versatile solution for varying industrial settings.

Choose the Vaultex UD 46 for a blend of Taiwanese precision, impact-resistant technology, and adherence to global safety standards—a dependable choice for industrial workers seeking top-tier eye protection without compromising on comfort or style.


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