Double Palm Working Gloves or Rigger Gloves

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Proguard Working Gloves, featuring AB quality with Cow Split Leather and a Stripe Cotton packing, are offered in a pack containing 120 pairs, each sized at 10 inches. The distinctive yellow color on the back not only adds visibility but also aids easy identification.

Crafted for durability, the Cow Split Leather construction ensures these gloves can withstand the demands of challenging work environments. The inclusion of Stripe Cotton enhances comfort during extended wear, making them suitable for prolonged tasks.

These gloves adhere to EN 388 standards and boast a performance rating of 4112, signifying their efficacy in protecting against mechanical hazards. Proguard Working Gloves, in size 10 inches, with their AB quality, adherence to standards, and yellow color coding, stand as a reliable choice for professionals seeking robust hand protection in a variety of industrial applications.

AB QUALITY Cow Split Leather Stripe Cotton Packing: 120 prs/ Size: 10″ Back Yellow Colour, EN 388 4112


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