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Our sump pallet, constructed from medium density polyethylene, is designed to have a low profile while meeting all the sump capacity requirements set by the UK Oil Storage Regulations. It includes an injection molded plastic mesh deck that can be easily removed for cleaning purposes. The pallet is made entirely of polyethylene, ensuring full chemical compatibility. The removable plastic grid enables convenient clean-up, and the pallet is UV stabilized for enhanced durability against sun exposure.


High-Quality Construction: Crafted with durable materials, the spill pallet ensures longevity and reliability, even in demanding industrial settings.

Seamless Sump Design: The innovative seamless sump design prevents leaks and containment breaches, providing a secure area for potential spills or leaks from stored drums.

Chemical Resistance: The spill pallet is engineered to resist exposure to a variety of chemicals, ensuring the safe storage of hazardous substances and compliance with industrial safety standards.

Large Capacity: With its four-drum capacity, the BP4L accommodates a significant volume of hazardous materials, optimizing storage efficiency.

Ergonomic Handling: The spill pallet is designed for ease of handling and maneuverability, facilitating efficient drum storage and transportation within the facility.

Compliance Assurance: The BP4L is compliant with industry regulations, meeting or exceeding safety standards to ensure a secure environment for hazardous material storage.

Versatility: Suitable for a range of industries, including manufacturing and laboratories, the spill pallet provides a versatile solution for secure drum storage.


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