3M GoggleGear Safety Goggles 2890 Series

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3M GoggleGear Safety Goggles 2890 Series are a premium choice for eye protection, offering a high level of wraparound coverage. These goggles are equipped with advanced anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings, significantly enhancing durability and maintaining clear vision even in challenging conditions. The goggles feature a sleek and contemporary design, characterized by a slim profile, ensuring a modern aesthetic appeal. Additionally, the inclusion of a wide nylon elastic strap allows for effortless adjustability, enabling wearers to achieve a secure and comfortable fit. When it comes to eye protection that combines an exceptional field of vision with effective fog resistance, the 3M GoggleGear Safety Goggles 2890 Series stand out as an ideal solution.


  • offers an extensive range of options designed to cater to diverse user needs. These goggles are distinguished by their large profile, providing ample space to comfortably accommodate most prescription glasses.
  • Users can choose from indirect ventilation versions, which safeguard against liquid droplets and large dust particles, or sealed ventilation versions, which provide protection against small dust particles and offer gas protection.
  • For enhanced performance, select models are equipped with the 3M™ Scotchgard™ Anti-Fog Coating, renowned for its superior anti-fog and anti-scratch properties. This coating ensures clear vision even in challenging conditions, further bolstering user safety.
  • To facilitate a secure and comfortable fit, the goggles feature a wide flexible nose area, allowing compatibility with half-mask respirators. This design element promotes ease of use and ensures a proper seal for optimal protection.
  • The GG2895S model, equipped with an IR 5 lens filter, has gained popularity for gas welding and metal cutting applications. This specialized lens filter provides the necessary protection and visual clarity required for such tasks.

Brands – 3M™
Case Quantity – 10
Eyewear Range – Premium, Comfort
Goggle Type – Sealed, Vented
Lens Coating – Anti-scratch & Anti-fog, Scotchgard Anti-fog, Anti-fog
Lens Colour – Clear
Lens Marking – 2C-1.2.3M.1. K.N.BT. 9, 2C-1.2 3M 1 BT K N, 2C-1.2.3M.1. N. FT
Lens Material – Polycarbonate, Acetate
Product Series – 2890 Series
Product Type – Safety Goggle
Recommended Application – Construction, Laboratories
Recommended Industry – Agricultural
Strap Material – Nylon
Venting – None, Indirect

The 3M™ GoggleGear™ Safety Goggles 2890 Series are popular goggles used for eye protection in many industries. These goggles are created to prioritize the safety of your eyes, while ensuring comfort and a lightweight feel even during extended wear. The goggles feature a durable polycarbonate lens that effectively safeguards your eyes from the dangers of UV rays, offering top-notch protection. Additionally, the lens is designed to resist scratches, guaranteeing clear vision and maintaining the goggles’ quality over an extended period of use.

Comfort is important, so the GoggleGear™ 2890 goggles have a soft and flexible seal around the eyes that reduces pressure and ensures a comfortable fit.

The included adjustable strap lets you personalize the goggles’ fit for optimal comfort. Your lens options vary: clear lenses suit regular use, while tinted or polarized lenses are better for outdoor tasks, ensuring your vision is clear and protected. To keep your vision clear, the goggles are equipped with a ventilation system that prevents fogging.

No matter if you work in construction, manufacturing, or healthcare, the 3M™ GoggleGear™ Safety Goggles 2890 Series are a reliable choice for eye protection. They keep your eyes safe and comfortable even during long periods of wear. With their protective features and comfortable design, these goggles are a smart investment for anyone in need of reliable eye protection.


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