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Proguard Argon/TIG Welding Gloves, crafted from Full Grain Goat Leather, are designed for precision and protection in TIG welding applications. Available in sizes 14″ and 16″, these gloves provide a tailored fit for various hand sizes, ensuring both comfort and safety.

Featuring Full Grain Goat Leather, these gloves offer flexibility and dexterity, crucial for intricate welding processes that demand precision. The choice of materials reflects a commitment to durability in demanding work environments.

Certified to meet CE EN388 standards, Proguard Argon/TIG Welding Gloves underscore their proficiency in protecting against mechanical hazards. This certification attests to their reliability in shielding hands from potential risks associated with TIG welding activities.

Whether utilized in industrial settings or for TIG welding applications, Proguard Argon/TIG Welding Gloves in sizes 14″ and 16″ exemplify a commitment to safety, functionality, and comfort, providing dependable hand protection in environments with potential welding hazards.

Full Grain Goat Leather Size:14″/16″ CE EN388ARGON/ TIG WELDING GLVES Full Grain Goat Leather Size:14″/16″ CE EN388


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