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Proguard Dotted Gloves, also known as Drill Gloves, are crafted with a cotton woven material featuring PVC dots for enhanced grip. These gloves come in a striking red color and are designed with a knit wrist for a secure fit. The use of PVC dots on the cotton surface ensures improved traction and control during various tasks.

Weighing 80g per pair, Proguard Dotted Gloves offer a balance of comfort and functionality, making them suitable for a range of applications. The red color adds visibility, and the knit wrist design ensures a snug fit, preventing slippage during use.

These gloves are a practical choice for tasks that require a combination of dexterity and grip, such as handling tools or performing precision work. Proguard Dotted Gloves showcase a commitment to safety and functionality, providing reliable hand protection in various work environments.

Cotton Woven with PVC Dots RED Knit Wrist 80g/pair


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