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Full body harness with one anchorage point and four points of adjustment, with male & female buckles.

Energy absorber fall arrester fitted with double controlled-tear strap of 45mm wide and screw karabiners.

Ref. AM002 and 2 safety hooks provided with a double locking mechanism with 55-mm opening and self-locking type Ref. AM022.”

“Polyester Steel
COLOUR Orange-Grey
SIZE No size”

Authorized distributor of Delta Plus.

The DeltaPlus H-2000 Harness is a fall protection harness designed to keep workers safe when working at heights. It is made of strong materials capable of withstanding significant forces. The harness features multiple attachment points for securely connecting fall protection devices.

Adjustable and customizable, the DeltaPlus H-2000 Harness provides a comfortable and flexible fit. It evenly distributes the force of a fall across the body, reducing the risk of injury.

Complying with international safety standards like EN 361:2002, this harness meets stringent safety requirements and ensures reliable protection for the wearer.

Overall, the DeltaPlus H-2000 Harness is a reliable and effective tool for fall protection in various work environments. It is important to note that proper installation, training, and maintenance of this device are necessary to ensure its continued effectiveness and reliability. It is also important to use the harness in conjunction with other fall protection equipment to ensure maximum safety.


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