Caterpiller Gravel

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The Gravel boot is built to be the ultimate partner for tough jobs in industries like masonry, oil, and steel, boasting Ultraduty technology tailored for the most demanding environments. This innovative tech equips the Gravel with a heavy-duty outsole, a reinforced midsole, and a comfort footbed, all designed to handle the hardest tasks.

Specifically engineered for extreme slip resistance, this boot exceeds industry standards. It’s fortified with a water-resistant leather upper, a steel toe, reinforced stitching, scuff caps, and an outsole resistant to heat, penetration, fuel, and oil, providing extra protection in challenging conditions. Its design focuses on keeping you moving comfortably, featuring an ergonomically designed upper, an energy-absorbing heel, and a flexible outsole.

Crafted with a Winbuck upper complemented by textile panels and a moisture-wicking textile lining, this boot ensures both durability and moisture management. Its EVA midsole, combined with SRX rubber outsole technology, offers reliable support and traction. Additionally, it includes a 200 Joule metal composite toecap and an ergo EVA removable footbed for added safety and comfort during long workdays.


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