Safety Jogger X200

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Individual orthopaedic solution

Water resistant uppers

Heel energy absorption

Safety toecap

Antistatic shoe


The Safety Jogger X2000 is a work shoe designed to provide foot protection and enhance comfort during long work hours. Crafted from premium materials, these shoes feature a water-resistant leather upper and a rubber sole designed to prevent slipping.

The X2000 shoes have a steel toe cap that meets safety standards for impact and compression protection. They also feature a midsole that protects against sharp objects like nails and glass.

Inside, the shoes have a breathable lining that helps keep feet cool and dry, reducing foot odour and fungal infections. The insole absorbs shocks, reducing fatigue and discomfort during long work shifts.

The low-cut design of the X2000 shoes allows for freedom of movement and flexibility, making them suitable for various work environments. They are lightweight, which adds to their comfort for extended wear.

Overall, the Safety Jogger X2000 shoes are durable and comfortable for those needing protective footwear at work. Proper care and maintenance are important for their effectiveness and longevity.


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