ACTIVARMR Electrical Protection Class 2- RIG214, RIG216

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Ergonomically designed natural rubber insulating gloves all-day safety and comfort

Ultimate fit, comfort and performance for electrical workers’ safety and protection

The Electrical Insulating Gloves are meticulously crafted from rubber latex, employing a proprietary dipping process that prioritizes environmental sustainability while ensuring optimal flexibility and dexterity. The gloves are thoughtfully designed with an ergonomic hand-at-rest shape and non-splayed fingers, effectively minimizing hand fatigue. The generous flared cuff of the gloves allows ample space for accommodating clothing, enhancing user comfort. Additionally, the gloves feature a smooth finish, facilitating easy donning and doffing for improved convenience.

Category R certification for passing A+Z+H properties required by EN 60903 and certified forresistance to very low temperatures (Category C)

Applications with risk of touch voltage AC≥17000 V (DC≥25500)






Machinery and Equipment


Applications with risk of touch voltage

Electrical Contractors

Hybrid engine manufacturing and repair

Maintenance Repairs and Operations in all industrial environments (MRO)

Mass Transit Repair and Maintenance

Power maintenance, repair & transmission

Telecom repair near electrical wires


The Performance Profile of the Electrical Insulating Gloves prioritizes comfort as a key aspect.

These gloves are manufactured using Natural Rubber Latex, ensuring exceptional durability and flexibility.

The gloves are designed with an ergonomically-shaped hand at rest, effectively reducing hand fatigue.

The generous flared cuff of the gloves provides sufficient room for wearing clothing and improves ventilation for enhanced comfort.

The gloves feature a case-hardened finish, resulting in a smoother surface that facilitates easy donning and doffing, thereby enhancing both performance and protection.

The product meets all relevant standards set by NFPA, OSHA, and CSA, ensuring compliance with essential safety guidelines.

The Electrical Insulating Gloves are manufactured using an environmentally-friendly proprietary dipping process, showcasing a commitment to environmental sustainability.

ISO 14001 certified manufacturing facility Electrical Glove Class 2 offers arc flash protection Class 2 in accordance with EN 61482-1-2


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