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Proguard Rubber Gloves, under the Sun brand, are crafted from natural latex, offering reliable hand protection in various applications. With a length of 33-35cm, these gloves provide extended coverage, while the weight of 110g per pair ensures a balanced combination of protection and flexibility.

Engineered for chemical resistance, these gloves are adept at handling detergents and provide acid-proof properties, making them suitable for tasks involving corrosive substances. The CE EN388 certification emphasizes their effectiveness in safeguarding against mechanical hazards, further enhancing their versatility.

Whether used in industrial settings, laboratories, or tasks requiring protection against chemicals, Proguard Rubber Gloves under the Sun brand exemplify durability and functionality. Their chemical-resistant properties, coupled with adherence to safety standards, make them a reliable choice for professionals seeking robust hand protection in challenging environments.

SUN BRAND Nature latex, L: 33-35cm, W: 110g/pair Chemical Resistant, Detergents, Acid-Proof CE EN388


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