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Proguard Latex Coated Gloves, featuring a nylon looped liner and a latex coating, provide versatile hand protection in a vibrant Fluorescent Green or Orange color. These gloves adhere to CE EN388 standards, ensuring their proficiency in safeguarding against mechanical hazards.

The combination of a nylon looped liner and latex coating offers a comfortable fit, flexibility, and enhanced grip. The latex coating provides durability and resistance against abrasions, making these gloves suitable for a variety of tasks in industrial settings.

The choice of Fluorescent Green or Orange color not only adds visibility but also aids in quick identification in a work environment, enhancing safety.

Proguard Latex Coated Gloves, with their innovative design and adherence to safety standards, exemplify a commitment to providing reliable hand protection in diverse work environments, where visibility, flexibility, and durability are paramount.

Nylon Looped Liner + Latex Coated Colour: Fluorescent Green/Orange CE EN388


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