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The Pollsorb Chemical Spill Kit in a 2-Wheel Bin with Hinged Lid (PSSK120C) is a sophisticated and comprehensive solution designed for the rapid and effective response to chemical spills in professional environments. This spill kit is thoughtfully crafted, featuring a high-quality assortment of absorbents, containment tools, and personal protective equipment to ensure a thorough and efficient response to hazardous chemical incidents.

Housed in a durable 2-wheel bin with a hinged lid, the PSSK120C not only provides secure storage for spill response materials but also facilitates easy transportation to the spill site. The kit includes specialized absorbent pads, socks, and pillows crafted from advanced materials capable of quickly and effectively containing and neutralizing a wide range of chemical spills.

Compliant with stringent industry standards, this spill kit is an integral component of a comprehensive risk management strategy. Ideal for laboratories, manufacturing facilities, and industrial settings, the Pollsorb Chemical Spill Kit in a 2-Wheel Bin with Hinged Lid ensures a swift and environmentally responsible response to chemical spills, minimizing potential risks and ensuring workplace safety. Trust in Pollsorb for a reliable and compliant solution that prioritizes safety and environmental stewardship.

  • Absorbency: 120 Litres.
  • Capable of absorbing acids, caustics, and almost any type of liquid, making it an ideal choice when unsure about the nature of the liquid.
  • Suitable for use in designated areas and as part of a site-wide spill response plan.
  • Easy mobility with the ability to wheel the spill kit from one location to another effortlessly.
  • Contents of the spill kit:

  • Chemical Absorbent Pads: 30
  • Chemical Absorbent Socks: 5
  • Chemical Absorbent Pillows: 2
  • Disposable Bags and Ties: 2
  • Safety Goggles: 1
  • Nitrile Gloves: 2
  • Barrier Tape: 1
  • Pan with Broom: 1
  • Instruction Sheet: 1
  • Yellow 120 Litre Wheeled Bin with Hinged Lid: 1
  • Suitable for both internal and external use.

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