CAT 012206

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CAT 012206 stands out as a high-quality half-finger glove by CAT Gloves & Safety. Crafted from premium deerskin, it’s designed to offer reliable hand protection with a padded palm, effectively guarding against moderate impacts and vibrations. The glove features a wing thumb for enhanced dexterity and a shirred elastic wrist for a secure fit.

Available in a variety of sizes, including large and jumbo, these gloves cater to different hand measurements. The large size specifically comes in a striking black and yellow combination, boasting a gel-padded palm for added protection and a polyester/spandex backing that ensures flexibility and comfort.

This glove exemplifies careful craftsmanship, blending premium materials with thoughtful design elements. From its durable deerskin composition to the focus on impact and vibration resistance, along with the attention to wrist security and color options, CAT 012206 offers a balance of functionality and comfort. Whether for professional use or personal tasks, these gloves prioritize both protection and ease of movement, ensuring a reliable and comfortable experience for the wearer.


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