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Proguard Welding Gloves with Biding, crafted from AB Grade Cowhide Split Leather, are an exceptional choice for welding applications, providing robust hand protection. The inclusion of a Cotton liner ensures comfort during extended wear, making these gloves well-suited for the demands of welding tasks.

Presented in a vibrant red color, these gloves not only offer functionality but also easy visibility in a work environment. With a size of 14 inches, they provide comprehensive coverage for the hands and wrists.

Certified to meet CE EN388 and EN407 standards, Proguard Welding Gloves adhere to stringent safety requirements. The EN388 certification signifies their effectiveness in shielding against mechanical hazards, while the EN407 certification ensures resistance to thermal risks associated with welding processes.

Whether employed in industrial settings or for welding applications, Proguard Welding Gloves with Biding underscore a commitment to safety and functionality, offering reliable hand protection for professionals working in environments with potential welding hazards.

WITH BIDING AB Grade Cowhide Split Leather Liner: Cotton, Colour: Red, Size: 14 ” CE EN388, EN407


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