CAT 012213

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CAT 012213 represents Cat’s Neoprene Comfort Fit Gloves, featuring a synthetic leather palm, adjustable wrist, and ergonomically pre-curved fingers. Notably, these gloves incorporate a water-resistant CLARINO material, specifically designed to excel in marine environments.

Moreover, these gloves come in jumbo sizes, offering added comfort and functionality. The larger variant includes padded CLARINO palms for enhanced protection, curved fingers for a better fit, and silicone finger grips for improved handling and dexterity.

The blend of synthetic leather and CLARINO material ensures durability and water resistance, catering to demanding marine settings. The adjustable wrist feature allows for a personalized and secure fit, while the pre-curved fingers offer ergonomic support, reducing hand fatigue during extended use.

CAT 012213 gloves, available in both standard and jumbo sizes, showcase Cat’s commitment to providing versatile and reliable hand protection. Their specialized design, tailored for marine conditions, along with the varied size options, offers users a comfortable, water-resistant, and functional glove solution suitable for a range of tasks in these environments.


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