3M™ Earplugs 1110

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  • Exceptional noise reduction capability up to 37 DB
  • A tapered design that provides an optimal fit for a wide range of ear canal sizes.
  • The pliant and hypoallergenic foam adapts to the wearers body temperature, rendering comfortable extended wear.
  • Compatible with the 3M E-A-Rfit Dual-Ear Validation system, certifying its efficacy in noise mitigation.
  • 3M 1100 earplugs are also available in the 3M™ E-A-R™ One-Touch™ Pro Earplug Dispenser format
  • The 3M™ 1100 Earplugs are uncorded and the 3M™ 1110 Earplugs are the pre-corded version

The 3M™ 1100 Earplugs are disposable foam earplugs designed for insertion into the ear canal to help reduce exposure to hazardous levels of noise up to 37 dB.

Get comfortable hearing protection with 3M™ 1100 Earplugs. Easy to roll down and insert, their tapered design helps provide a noise-reducing seal in the ear canal. Made with a soft, hypoallergenic foam they react and soften with your body temperature offering a longer more comfortable wear. Fully tested and approved against EN 352-2 they can reduce noise levels by 37 dB. Model is compatible for use with the 3M™ E-A-RFit™ Dual-Ear Validation System and available as a probed plug. Available in refill bottles for use with 3M™ E-A-R™ One Touch™ Pro Earplug Dispenser for convenient on-site easy access to hearing protection with reduced waste.


Attenuation Rating – 37 dB
Attenuation Rating (SNR) – 35 Decibel
Banded – No
Brands – 3M™
Case Quantity – 500
Corded – Yes
Dielectric – No
Earplug Material – Foam
Earplug Shape – Bullet
Earplug Size – Regular
Features – Available with cord, Slow Recovery Foam
Insertion Style – Roll Down
Metal Detectable – No
Product Series – 1100
Product Type – Roll Down
Reusable – No

The 3M Earplugs 1110 are a premium auditory protection apparatus, designed to minimize exposure to noise in a broad spectrum of environments. They are constructed from soft hypoallergenic foam that facilitates extended use without discomfort, and their insertion and removal is uncomplicated.

The 3M earplugs 1110 are set apart from other auditory protection devices by them by their remarkable contoured shape. This feature allows for an ergonomic fit within the ear canal, delivering unparalleled comfort and enhanced sealing capabilities, ultimately reducing the likelihood of earplug slippage. These earplugs are an outstanding choice for both personal and industrial noise protection, offering optimal noise reduction, convenience and comfort, all while providing a superior design.


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