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STANDARD ANSI Z87.1 2003 EN166

VAULTEX V07 Safety Eye Wear represents a pinnacle in occupational eye protection, seamlessly integrating advanced design with unwavering adherence to stringent safety standards. Crafted with precision, these safety glasses provide a robust defense against a diverse range of workplace hazards, ensuring optimal safety in professional environments.

The lenses of the V07 are meticulously engineered from high-impact-resistant materials, delivering exceptional optical clarity while forming a formidable barrier against projectiles, dust, and harmful UV radiation. The contemporary design prioritizes wearer comfort, featuring adjustable temples and a secure fit, allowing for extended use without compromising safety.

Versatility is a hallmark of the VAULTEX V07, equipped with anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings to enhance durability and maintain optical clarity in dynamic work settings. This feature is particularly beneficial for professionals operating in industries where precise vision is paramount.

The lightweight yet sturdy construction of these safety glasses positions them as an ideal choice for individuals in construction, manufacturing, laboratories, and various sectors where reliable eye protection is non-negotiable.

VAULTEX, through the V07 Safety Eye Wear, reaffirms its commitment to elevating occupational safety standards. These safety glasses seamlessly blend functionality, durability, and wearer comfort, providing a comprehensive solution that exceeds industry benchmarks. Trust in VAULTEX for safety eyewear that not only safeguards your vision but sets a new standard in professional eye protection, reflecting the brand’s dedication to occupational safety excellence.


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