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Protector Metal Atex, galvanized steel cable Ø 4 mm, metal casing + 1 AM016 Swivel Connector & Fall indicator.

Self-retractable fall arrester with galvanized steel cable with integrated energy absorber. Steel case. Fall indicator. Inertia locking system.

The AN115A Text Fall Arrestor, spanning a length of 20 meters, stands as a pinnacle of safety equipment designed to mitigate risks associated with falls in industrial and occupational settings. Meticulously engineered, this fall arrestor exemplifies a commitment to ensuring the well-being of personnel operating at heights.

Crafted with precision, the AN115A incorporates high-quality textile materials, combining durability with flexibility for optimal performance. The 20-meter length provides a versatile solution for applications requiring extended reach, allowing workers increased mobility while maintaining a robust fall protection system.

This fall arrestor is designed to meet and exceed industry safety standards, ensuring compliance with stringent regulations. The textile construction is not only lightweight but also resistant to abrasion, providing longevity and reliability in challenging work environments.

Installation and utilization of the AN115A Textile Fall Arrestor demonstrate a proactive approach to workplace safety. The device integrates seamlessly into fall protection systems, offering a dependable solution for those working at elevated positions. Routine inspections and adherence to recommended maintenance procedures further ensure the continued effectiveness of this essential safety apparatus.

Investing in the AN115A Textile Fall Arrestor is an investment in personnel welfare, aligning with best practices in occupational safety. Elevate your fall protection protocols with this 20-meter fall arrestor—an embodiment of cutting-edge design and unwavering commitment to creating secure work environments.


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