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Proguard Argon/TIG Welding Gloves, crafted with Full Grain Goat Leather, offer exceptional hand protection tailored specifically for TIG welding applications. Available in sizes 9″, 10.5″, and 11″, these gloves provide a customizable fit to ensure comfort and precision during welding tasks.

Featuring an elastic cuff with Piding, these gloves not only offer a secure fit but also facilitate ease of use, allowing for quick and convenient wear. The Piding adds to the overall durability of the gloves, making them well-suited for the demanding conditions of welding work.

Certified to meet CE EN388 standards, Proguard Argon/TIG Welding Gloves underscore their proficiency in protecting against mechanical hazards. The choice of Full Grain Goat Leather ensures flexibility and dexterity, making them an ideal choice for intricate welding processes that demand precision.

Whether used by professionals in industrial settings or for TIG welding applications, Proguard Argon/TIG Welding Gloves exemplify a commitment to safety, functionality, and comfort, providing reliable hand protection in environments with potential welding hazards.

Full Grain Goat Leather Size: 9″/10.5″/11″ Elastic cuff with Piding, CE EN388


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