3M Safety Overspecs 2800

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The 3M Safety Overspecs 2800 are designed to provide comprehensive eye protection without compromising comfort or style. These versatile safety glasses offer a sleek, wrap-around design that fits comfortably over prescription eyewear, ensuring both clarity of vision and utmost safety in various work environments.

Their durable polycarbonate lenses effectively shield the eyes from harmful UV rays, flying debris, and impact, meeting ANSI Z87.1-2015 standards for high-velocity impact protection. The anti-fog coating helps maintain clear visibility, especially in humid or changing temperature conditions, reducing the need for constant adjustments.

These safety overspecs prioritize wearer comfort with their lightweight construction and adjustable temples, allowing for a customized fit. The integrated side shields enhance peripheral protection, minimizing exposure to potential hazards from different angles. Additionally, their scratch-resistant lenses contribute to longevity and sustained clarity for extended use.


Wrap-around design: Ensures comprehensive eye coverage.

Polycarbonate lenses: Resistant to impact and UV rays.

Anti-fog coating: Maintains clear vision in varying conditions.

Adjustable temples: Enhances wearer comfort and fit.

Integrated side shields: Boost peripheral protection.

Scratch-resistant lenses: Prolongs durability and clarity.

With these features, the 3M Safety Overspecs 2800 offer reliable and practical eye protection, making them an essential accessory for individuals needing to safeguard their eyes in diverse occupational settings.


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