Honeywell BW™ MicroClip XL for standard operation with 2-year warranty

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  • Simultaneously monitor O2, H2S, CO, and combustible gases.
  • Battery runtime of 18 hours in normal temperatures, with a cold weather guarantee of at least 12 hours throughout the warranty period.
  • Reliable operation even in extreme cold temperatures as low as -4°F (-20°C).
  • NEW! IP68 rating for unparalleled water protection.
  • Compact, lightweight, and user-friendly design with one-button operation and minimal training required.
  • Device management capability with Honeywell Safety Suite.
  • Visual compliance indication with flashing green IntelliFlash™ light.
  • Reflex™ Technology ensures sensor responsiveness for safety, uptime, and worker confidence.
  • Seamless communication integration with Motorola MOTOTRBO.

BW MicroClip XT 02/LEL/H2S/CO 135334 L3 – a portable gas detection solution designed to enhance workplace safety with cutting-edge features. Simultaneously monitoring oxygen, combustible gases, hydrogen sulfide, and carbon monoxide, this compact device ensures comprehensive coverage for hazardous gas detection.

With an impressive battery runtime of 18 hours in normal temperatures and guaranteed reliability even in extreme cold as low as -4°F (-20°C), the MicroClip XT prioritizes continuous safety. The newly added IP68 rating provides unparalleled water protection, making it a robust choice for various work environments.

Its user-friendly design, featuring one-button operation and minimal training requirements, ensures seamless integration into safety protocols. The device’s Reflex™ Technology guarantees sensor responsiveness, enhancing worker confidence and uptime. Additionally, the integration with Motorola MOTOTRBO enables seamless communication.

Trust in the MicroClip XT for visual compliance indication, rugged durability, and the utmost accuracy in gas detection, backed by the comprehensive capabilities of the Honeywell Safety Suite for efficient device management.


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