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AIR FLOW CONTROL™ TECHNOLOGY: Bilsom’s patented technology ensures optimal attenuation across all frequencies without increasing the size or weight of the earmuffs.

PATENTED BASEPLATE CHAMBER: Manages the flow of air inside the earmuff to control how sound reaches the ear, resulting in better and more consistent overall attenuation.

HIGH-TECH NON-WOVEN LAYER: Works in conjunction with the baseplate chamber to enhance sound management and provide effective noise reduction in various industrial noise environments.

STANDARD FEATURE: Air Flow Control is included as a standard feature in all Thunder series earmuffs.

DIELECTRIC/PLASTIC CONSTRUCTION: The robust construction of Thunder earmuffs is non-deforming and suitable for use in electrical environments, ensuring worker protection.

SNAP-IN EAR CUSHIONS: The earmuffs are equipped with snap-in ear cushions, allowing for quick and easy replacement.

HELMET ADAPTERS INCLUDED: Compatible with a wide range of helmets, including 3711, 3712, and 3721 helmet adapters for added versatility.


The Thunder series earmuff prioritizes comfort for workers. It has a dual-headband design that enhances positioning and breathability. The outer headband doesn’t deform and reduces pressure on the head. It is also safe for use in electrical environments. The earmuff provides a noise reduction rating (SNR) of 29 dB, ensuring effective noise reduction.

The Thunder T1HS Helmet Earmuff RQT is a top-notch hearing protection device ideal for industrial environments. It is specially designed to be worn with hard hats and helmets, ensuring reliable noise reduction while being comfortable to wear. The earmuffs feature soft foam-filled cushions and an adjustable headband, providing a secure and comfortable fit for different head sizes and shapes.

With a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 24 decibels, the Thunder T1HS Helmet Earmuff RQT offers excellent protection against high noise levels. Its durable construction guarantees long-lasting performance, effectively safeguarding workers during extended use.

These earmuffs have a low-profile design that seamlessly integrates with hard hats and helmets, making them easy to wear together. Additionally, their foldable design enables convenient storage and transportation without occupying excessive space. This ensures that workers always have their earmuffs readily available, reducing the risk of noise exposure without proper protection.

A reliable choice for workers in various industries, including manufacturing, construction, and transportation. It provides effective noise reduction, comfort, and durability, combining all these features in a high-quality package. Its low-profile design and foldable construction further enhance convenience when wearing and storing the earmuffs with headgear.


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