Cat 012211

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The Cat 012211 gloves are specifically engineered to safeguard hands in demanding work environments. Crafted from water-resistant synthetic leather, these gloves excel in wet and abrasive conditions, making them a reliable choice across industries like automotive, carpentry, construction, mining, and power tool operations.

They prioritize comfort and security with adjustable wrists, ensuring a snug fit for prolonged wear. The gloves are strategically padded in high-wear areas, extending their lifespan and durability through rigorous use. For added convenience, the neoprene cuff and pull-tab enable quick and hassle-free wear.

The gloves’ flexibility comes from a smart blend of spandex, neoprene, and nylon in the back, offering resilience without compromising movement. This thoughtful design allows for ease of motion while providing essential hand protection.

Ideal for various applications, these utility gloves marry durability with practicality, promising a reliable defense against harsh conditions. Their water-resistant build and padded design cater to professionals seeking long-lasting, comfortable hand protection for tasks demanding resilience and adaptability.


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